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We Are Energy Beings

I truly believe that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. That we are limitless in who we are and what we can achieve, and that we are all connected, through the Unified Field, with everyone and everything in the Universe. I have come to experience that there is much more to the Universe than our five senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell) can discern. It is in working with our Sixth Sense that we are able to access a much broader experience.

Quantum Physics has recently described many more dimensions than the three we tend to experience in daily living; meaning that there is much more to experience outside of our current 3-D perspective. Quantum Physicists have also shown that the same unit of energy can be viewed as either a wave or a particle, solely based on the perspective of the observer; hence, proof that we create our reality. Recent studies revealed that a particle can actually appear in two places at the same time! The world as we knew it is literally changing in quantum leaps. Quantum Physics is using scientific methodology to describe what ancient shamen and mystics have known and practiced for millennia.

The higher the vibration of a molecule, the greater the energy created. The greater the energy, the greater the potential for creating. Creating what? As a human being, some of the best things we can create for ourselves are Love, Health, Joy and Abundance, just to name a few states of being. It is through developing and utilizing our Sixth Sense that we can identify low vibration states, and do the work necessary to raise our vibration to its optimal level. All of the techniques used in Vibrationality have shown to be effective in raising the human vibration.

Our Sixth Sense

So, what exactly is our Sixth Sense? It is that part of our being that communicates with the Universe through the Unified Field. How does that occur? We know that we have eyes, ears, a nose, taste buds, and skin receptors that allow us to experience our traditional senses. Where is the organ that allows us to experience our Sixth Sense?

The ancient mystics described energy centers located in specific areas of our body. The most common name for these energy centers is the Sanskrit word chakra. Chakra means spinning wheel, as they appear to those who can see them as spinning vortices of light. There are seven major chakras in the body. Each chakra has its own frequency (vibration), therefore each chakra is associated with a color and a tone. Remember that each color we see and tone we hear has its own specific frequency and vibration.

It is through the chakra system that we send and receive information through the Unified Field. The chart below gives a brief overview of the chakra system and the areas affected by each one.

As previously mentioned, we are a composite of four separate, but interconnected bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. What we experience in one body affects all of them. A subtle energy practitioner is able to access information from the chakras by seeing or sensing the quality of the color or tone, the type and speed of the spin, and the possible need to clear any heavy energy from the chakra. In keeping your chakra system clear and balanced, the ability to access information from the Unified Field is enhanced.

All Vibrationality sessions begin with the clearing and balancing of the chakras. This is done to allow the subsequent energy work to have a better effect in raising the vibrations, and also to allow the person to begin accessing the information that will allow them to understand what they need to do to raise and maintain their highest vibration.

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